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MSN 293B-1240

L-1011 TriStar 500

CS-TEB • Inactive • euroAtlantic airways

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Aircraft History

Date Remark
September 1979 Second L-1011 ordered by TAP Air Portugal to Lockheed from a total of five aircraft
8 March 1983 Delivered to TAP Air Portugal; registered CS-TEB; named 'Infante D. Henrique'
July 1995 Sold to Tajikistan Intl Airlines
August 1995 Aircraft not paid by Tajikistan Intl Airlines; returned to TAP Air Portugal
March 1996 Leased to Caribjet; reg V2-LEO; sub-leased to Air Mauritius; Air Mauritius titles
May 1996 Stored at Lisbon/LIS
July 1996 Sub-leased to Royal Jordanian
September 1996 Sub-leased to Air India and stored at FRA
November 1996 Returned to TAP Air Portugal with its original registration CS-TEB
22 February 1997 Seen at Macau/MFM during Mr. Jorge Sampaio's presidential visit
June 1997 Sold to Air Madeira (trade name of Air Zarco); operated under Air Luxor's AOC
February 1998 Leased to TAP Air Portugal till April 1998 to operate flights to Canada
April 1998 Leased to LAM Linhas Aéreas de Moçambique till June 1998
June 1998 Returned to Air Madeira; named after 'Naughton Simão', ex-TAP Flight Engineer
December 1999 Seen with Air Zarco titles
May 2000 Air Zarco changed its name to euroAtlantic airways and got its own AOC
June 2007 C-check at Abu Dhabi/AUH (GAMCO)
October 2007 Stored at Abu Dhabi/AUH since last C-check
12 April 2008 Test-flight out of Abu Dhabi/AUH
16 April 2008 Ferried back to Lisbon after long stay at Abu Dhabi/AUH
12 September 2009 Ferried to Amman/AMM for C-check
31 March 2010 Ferried to Amman/ADJ; withdrawn from service and stored
23 January 2012 Listed for sale as is, where is
11 March 2012 Seen stored at Amman/ADJ in good condition

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