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Portuguese L-1011s


Aircraft Fleet List

The table below contains information on the L-1011 TriStar aircraft that were registered in Portugal. For the individual fact file and photos follow the corresponding hyperlink of the 'Serial Nr.' column.

  Serial Nr. 1st CS-
Reg. Nr.
Reg. Nr.
Status Owner/Operator Last
Hours Cycles Seating
193H-1206 CS-TMX CS-TMX Attrited euroAtlantic airways GL-BF 84,876 17,627 C18Y280
293B-1239 CS-TEA OD-ZEE Inactive Globe Jet Airlines CE-HM 58,355 14,386 C19Y290
293B-1240 CS-TEB CS-TEB Inactive euroAtlantic airways AM-BF 64,007 15,175 C56Y197
293B-1241 CS-TEC N91011 Inactive Northrop Grumman CF-JM 61,132 12,661 C19Y291
293B-1242 CS-TED HR-AVN Inactive Rollins Air (Privilege) FG-HM 58,506 13,862 C19Y290
293B-1243 CS-TEE XT-BRK Attrited Kallat Elsaker Air CG-KL 56,271 13,472 C19Y290
193H-1246 CS-TEF XT-RAD Inactive Kallat Elsaker Air CE-AD 42,669 10,592 C19Y290
193H-1248 CS-TEG CS-TMP Attrited ASEZA BH-DM 53,176 12,904 C19Y291

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