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L-1011 Documents

L-1011 General Articles Source Format Version
Tristar 500 - The technology of tomorrow TAP Air Portugal pdf
A longa história do L-1011 TriStar Sirius Magazine pdf
Um dos melhores aviões de sempre Jornal Take-Off pdf
Lockheed L1011 na aviação virtual Jornal Take-Off pdf
Lockheed: "Follow me" em bicicleta TAP Air Portugal pdf
CS-TMX - A fuga do deserto pdf
Por terras de Vera Cruz APEA pdf
Flight 1080 by Capt. Jack McMahan (DAL) ALPA/NASA pdf

L-1011 Promo & Technical Source Format Version
Type Certificate Data Sheet A23WE FAA pdf
Type Certificate Data Sheet No. FA9 CAA pdf
Superior Design Features of the Lockheed L-1011 TriStar Lockheed pdf
L-1011-500 TriStar Technical Profile Lockheed pdf
Dash 500 TriStar Leaflet Lockheed pdf
L-1011 Servicing Guide Lockheed pdf
TriStar 500 muito prazer! TAP Air Portugal pdf
Big enough... Small enough... TAP Air Portugal pdf

L-1011 Incident Reports Source Format Version
Dual flameout in Lisboa GPIAA pdf
Near miss in Dublin AAIU pdf
Tail strike in Stansted AAIB pdf
Rejected take-off in Amsterdam I DSB pdf
Rejected take-off in Amsterdam II DSB pdf
Rejected take-off in Lisboa GPIAA pdf
Pressurization failure in Lisboa GPIAA pdf

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