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MSN 193H-1248

L-1011 TriStar 500

CS-TMP • Attrited • Luzair

Aircraft History


Date Remark
August 1979 Ordered by Air Canada; order cancelled in April 1983
8 August 1983 First flight; aircraft remained undelivered at Palmdale; registered N64959
3 June 1985 Last L-1011 delivered to an airline: Royal Jordanian; reg JY-AGJ; 'Princess Zein'
May 1988 Sold to Indosuez Finance and leased back to Royal Jordanian
5 January 1989 Leased to TAP Air Portugal; re-registered CS-TEG; named 'Eça de Queiroz'
August 1995 Bought by Partnairs Leasing
November 1995 Bought by Caribjet; re-registered V2-LEK; leased to Air India
June 1996 Returned to Caribjet; stored at Cambridge/CBG
July 1997 Re-registered 9Y-BWC; not taken up by BWIA; re-registered again V2-LEK
February 1998 Bought by Apollo Resor; re-registered SE-DVI
March 1998 Sold to Finans Skandic and leased to Novair
November 1999 Bought by Air Luxor and leased back to Novair
June 2000 Entered in service with Air Luxor; re-registered CS-TMP
January 2004 Transferred to Luzair; operating under Air Luxor's AOC; blue tail and no titles
July 2005 Seen operating for LOT Polish Airlines between Warsaw/WAW and Toronto/YYZ
September 2005 Seen flying for Cubana de Aviación during 'Operación Milagro'
April 2006 Transferred to Luzair's AOC; flew ad-hoc charter: LIS-CPT-MRU-PER-CHC-SCL-LIS
July 2006 Chartered for evacuation flights between Larnaca/LCA and Montreal/YUL
October 2006 Leased to PIA Airlines for pre-Hajj and Hajj till beginning of February 2007
24 November 2007 Leased to Meridian Airlines (Nigeria) for the whole Hajj season
15 November 2008 Ferried to Aqaba/AQJ; stored and withdrawn from service; structural corrosion found
16 April 2019 Wings and horizontal stabilizer clipped: being prepared to be sunk in the Gulf of Aqaba
26 August 2019 Scuttled near Aqaba, in the Red Sea; to become an artificial reef; wings re-attached

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