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L-1011 TriStar 500


XT-BRK • Attrited • Kallat Elsaker Air

Aircraft History

Date Remark
September 1979 Last L-1011 ordered by TAP Air Portugal to Lockheed from a total of five aircraft
1 March 1984 Delivered by Lockheed to TAP Air Portugal; registered CS-TEE; 'Sto António de Lisboa'
December 1996 Sold to Air Transat; re-registered C-GTSQ; fleet number 243 and later 555
September 2003 Withdrawn from service and stored at Mirabel/YMX
January 2004 Transferred to Joasro Aviation (Globejet Airlines); re-registered 3D-JOE
February 2004 Leased to Sky Gate International Aviation during a month
May 2004 Leased to Jordan Aviation; re-registered JY-JOE; with Jordan Aviation titles and logo
September 2005 Returned to Globejet Airlines; stored at Amman/AMM; later re-registered OD-JOE
July 2006 Seen stored at Amman/AMM
March 2007 Seen at Beirut/BEY in full Globejet Airlines colours
August 2007 Seen operating for Ghana International Airlines and Fischer Air Polska
October 2007 Seen stored at Beirut/BEY; aircraft for sale
November 2007 Sold to Kallat Elsaker Air; re-registered XT-BRK; named 'Mabruk'
December 2007 Seen at Ouagadougou/OUA with Kallat Elsaker Air titles; being readied for Hajj 2007
January 2008 Seen at Jeddah/JED operating Hajj flights
N/A Long term storage in Sabha/SEB
26 April 2018 Caught fire after being hit by shelling in Sabha/SEB

Aircraft Photos


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