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MSN 293B-1239

L-1011 TriStar 500

OD-ZEE • Inactive • Globejet Airlines

Aircraft History

Date Remark
September 1979 First L-1011 ordered by TAP Air Portugal to Lockheed from a total of five aircraft
15 January 1983 Delivered to TAP Air Portugal; registered CS-TEA; named 'Luís de Camões'
December 1994 Leased to BWIA West Indies Airways
December 1995 Returned to TAP Air Portugal
May 1996 Leased to LAM Linhas Aéreas de Moçambique till August 1997
November 1997 Sold to Air Transat; re-registered C-GTSR; fleet number 239 and later 553
December 1998 Transferred to Star Airlines; painted in Star Airlines' c/s but kept Canadian registration
September 1999 Returned to Air Transat
May 2004 Retired from service by Air Transat and stored at Mirabel/YMX
July 2004 Transferred to Joasro Aviation (Globejet Airlines)
22 July 2004 Gee Bee Airlines; re-registered SX-CVB; not taken up
8 March 2005 Leasing contract established with Air Scotland which never flew the aircraft
September 2005 Returned to Globejet Airlines; re-registered OD-ZEE; stored at Beirut/BEY
November 2005 Leased to Cameroon Airlines
July 2006 Chartered for evacuation flights between Larnaca/LCA and Montreal/YUL
August 2006 Leased to Lloyd Aero Boliviano; started the VVI-MAD-VVI route in August 20
1 April 2007 Lloyd Aero Boliviano ceased all operations; OD-ZEE impounded at Santa Cruz/VVI
8 January 2008 Seen stored at Santa Cruz/VVI (Viru Viru Intl Airport)
1 February 2008 Ferried out of VVI; last reported in Sabha/SEB, Libya; long term storage

Aircraft Photos

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