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MSN 193H-1206

L-1011 TriStar 500

CS-TMX • Attrited • euroAtlantic airways

Aircraft History

Date Remark
April 1979 It was one of the first six L-1011-500s ordered by Air Canada
11 September 1981 Delivered to Air Canada; registered C-GAGG; fleet number 552
August 1991 Bought by Delta Air Lines; re-registered N765DA
January 2001 Withdrawn from service and stored at Victorville/VCV
April 2001 Bought by YES Linhas Aéreas Charter; re-registered CS-TMX
24 April 2001 Delivery/ferry flight from Victorville/VCV to Lisbon/LIS
29 June 2001 First revenue service with YES between Lisbon/LIS and Comoro Islands
February 2003 Leased to Cubana de Aviación till 14th March 2003
June 2005 YES Linhas Aéreas Charter rebranded WHITE Airways; CS-TMX used as a backup
11 December 2005 Last commercial flight operated by WHITE Airways with the L-1011
February 2006 Preservation works: withdrawn from service; stored at Lisbon/LIS
29 May 2006 1st test-flight (LIS-LIS) as after overhaul; engines in compliance with latest AD
2 June 2006 2nd test-flight (LIS-LIS) and last CS-TMX flight ever (callsign WHT003T)
September 2006 WHITE Airways sold to Omni and CS-TMX was transferred to TAP Air Portugal
January 2007 Bought by euroAtlantic for spare parts; still stored at Lisbon/LIS; being cannibalized
10 April 2008 Finally scrapped at Lisbon/LIS

Aircraft Photos

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